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Using technology in class may not be a new concept by definition. However, the pace at which we have picked up this practice during the last decade is noteworthy. Using technology in class is a powerful tool that can enhance one’s learning experience and help them to apply it in their lives and careers. Once integrated into the educational system, it can engage students and provide access to a whole universe of educational resources that can define the way we learn and apply it in our daily lives. Here are some of its key advantages:


  • Better Engagement: Using technology can make classroom sessions more interactive and engaging. Students pay more interest in lessons which in turn improves their retention. Audio-visual content can make the entire learning process a lot simpler and easier to understand.
  • Personalised Learning: With the use of technology in the classroom, much of the learning can be done by students off-class too. This will allow the students to learn their lessons based on their capacity and inclinations. Educational software can be used to tailor content based on each student’s needs.
  • Access To Learning Material: With internet access, students get access to abundant educational resources which can help students to learn from various sources and enrich their learning experience.
  • Better Collaboration: Technology can facilitate the participation of parents and teachers effectively both in class and at home to improve their learning while also making use of various tools to help them work on projects, develop ideas, and provide feedback to the students.
  • Effective Assessment: With the use of technology, lessons can be streamlined and graded based on the student’s performance. This allows the teachers to identify their strengths and weaknesses and make changes to the teaching pattern accordingly.
  • Real-World Application: One of the biggest advantages of technology-based learning is application in real life. Based on one’s interest and inclination, their learning can make a great difference in choosing one career path or applying it in their daily life. This is particularly important when it comes to developing the overall personality of the student.
  • Quick and Easy Access: Students can access any information they require with ease. This helps students to quickly clarify their doubts while also encouraging them to work independently.
  • Cost Benefits and Eco-Friendly: With time, digital educational resources are cost-effective and can save on printing and distribution costs. Additionally, this will reduce pressure on natural resources, particularly trees since they are used for manufacturing papers.
  • Data-Driven: Students’ performance can be analysed through analytics. This can help teachers to identify patterns and trends of individual students and the whole class, enabling the teachers to implement teaching methodology based on these results.

One important point to make note of is that there needs to be a balance between technology and traditional teaching methodology. Technology cannot replace humans and is meant only to complement the overall effort. The end goal is to mould students so they become equipped to tackle all the challenges life throws at them.

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