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“Music and art are the guiding light of the world” – Pablo Picasso 

There is a popular misconception among many that art and music are not part of formal education and are merely distractions or a hobby for those not inclined towards academics. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They are the profound vessels of human expression through the ages, starting from our prehistoric ancestors to modern human beings. The synergy of art and music continues to evolve and offer audiences a nuanced appreciation of beauty and expression. In education, it offers a range of benefits that contribute towards the execution of a well-rounded educational experience. Here are some key points to highlight their importance: 

  • Cognitive Ability: Different cognitive functions such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning, are stimulated by both music and art. Drawing, painting, playing an instrument, or creating music are just a few of the creative arts that help pupils build their overall cognitive ability. 
  • Emotional Expression: Students can express emotions through art and music, which gives them a way to communicate feelings when expressing orally doesn’t help. This artistic outlet helps children develop their emotional intelligence and teaches them to control their emotions healthily. 
  • Appreciation of Cultures: Students are exposed to a variety of customs and viewpoints by exploring various art and music forms from different countries or cultures. This encourages tolerance and understanding among students from diverse origins by fostering a feeling of empathy and appreciation for different cultures. 
  • Improved Communication Skill: Nonverbal communication is facilitated by art and music such as gestures, facial expressions, and musical expression. Students who participate in such endeavours are adept at communicating even with limited vocabulary. 
  • Improved Self-Esteem: Students’ confidence and self-esteem are increased when they pursue their interests, whether it is through performing a musical piece or learning how to paint. Their self-worth is positively impacted by such effort. 
  • Motor Skills: Engaging in such activities involves fine and gross motor skills. Such students usually have better eye-hand coordination, dexterity, and general motor abilities compared to others who don’t. 
  • Stress Reduction: Both music and art are mediums that can be used to decompress and unwind. Students can benefit from the relaxing benefits of

making art and music, which can lower stress and anxiety levels and promote mental health. 

  • Innovation and Creativity: Inventiveness and imagination are fostered by art and music. These academic fields promote creativity which is essential to facing challenges, adjusting to new surroundings, and creating ground-breaking solutions at work. The bottom line is to think out of the box. 
  • Lifelong Learning: A lifetime appreciation for the arts and music is fostered by such exposure. Children who are exposed to these subjects in their early years are more likely to value and explore art and music for the rest of their lives. This is not limited only to the two subjects but also to anything that catches their interest.

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