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Parent-teacher relationship 

The collaboration between parents and teachers is pivotal for a child’s overall development and academic success. The teacher imparts knowledge to the students and focuses on the child’s academic excellence. On the other hand, parents make sure that their child imbibes the essential knowledge and has a bright future. However, when the parent and a teacher work together for the overall development of a child, they can indeed shape the future of the child in a better way. 


Let us delve deeper, to understand the significance of a parent-teacher relationship in a child’s educational journey. 

The below-listed factors will help you in understanding the importance of parent-teacher collaboration. 

Understanding the child: When parents and teachers collaborate, they will be able to understand the child’s challenges, needs, and interests. Based on this understanding, they can develop learning strategies that facilitate a child’s overall development. 

Mutual Respect: Mutual respect is fostered between parents and teachers when they engage in collaborative discussions about the child’s overall development. This respect is very important as it allows the teacher to share their perspectives about the child’s progress, achievements,

and drawbacks with the parents. It also enables the parents to share their views about the child’s progress and seek guidance from the teachers. 

Continuity: When both the teacher and the parent continuously try to monitor the child’s behavior, and learning patterns, it allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the child. Eventually, it would help them in addressing the issues faced by the child and tackle them effectively with the new learning strategies or techniques. 

Problem-solving: A strong parent-teacher relationship is very much essential in analyzing the problems or the challenges faced by the child. It would help both of them in formulating strategies or ways to address the child’s difficulties. It will also allow them to focus on enhancing the child’s overall growth by considering the child’s strengths, and interests. 

Impact on student’s success: When there is a collaboration between the teacher and parent it will help both of them to understand the child’s potential and provide the best solutions that enable the child to progress. 

The numerous ways to establish the Parent-teacher relationship are as follows: 

Parent-teacher meetings: Direct interaction between the teacher and the parent facilitates an honest discussion about the child’s progress, strengths, and challenges. It also enables them to share their insights and think about effective strategies that would contribute to the overall development of the child. 

Communication channels: Teachers can interact with the parents through various means such as phone, email, or any other messaging app and inform them about their child’s academic progress. This will allow the parents to keep track of their child’s daily progress and communicate with faculty regarding any concerns. 

Digital platforms: Teachers can leverage the benefits of digital platforms and share updates about the child’s assignments, progress, and school announcements through online portals such as WhatsApp, Gmail, and several other platforms. 

Parent workshops: Conducting workshops for the parents will be very beneficial as it will help the parents to understand the various aspects of the school such as the educational curriculum, teaching methodology, learning strategies, and many more. 

Volunteer opportunities: When parents take part in the school activities they get a chance to establish a sense of community between the teachers, and the students. Furthermore, it also gives the parents a chance to share their expertise and participate with their children in various activities. It also gives them a chance to understand their child’s capabilities and establish a connection between them. 


Parent-teacher relationship is very essential especially during the initial stages of the child’s educational journey as at that stage understanding the child will contribute to enhancing the overall development of the child. It not only helps both the teacher and parent to focus on their child’s academic progress but also enables them to notice the challenges that are faced by the child at the initial stage and tackle them swiftly. 

Moreover, by using various digital platforms available today teachers can share all the information about the child’s progress with their parents regularly. Parent-teacher meetings, conferences, or seminars will also give the parents an insight into their child’s academic progress. As a result, they can easily understand the strategies and the learning styles equipped by the teachers and can share their feedback with the faculty accordingly. Eventually, a strong parent-teacher relationship will pave the way for the overall development of the child.

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