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For the best residential school near Hyderabad, visit Shantiniketan Vidyalaya Residential School. 

When it comes to education, parents want only the best for their children. In the recent decade, residential schools in particular have become increasingly popular among parents since they offer a unique learning experience that combines various factors resulting in the holistic development of the child. 

Here at Shantiniketan Vidyalaya Residential School, we work tirelessly all year round to ensure your child is given a safe and conducive space where they can learn and grow. Founded in 1999, we provide our students with an eclectic mix of world-class academics, social interaction, and other activities that moulds their personality over time. Located amid serene and calm nature, we offer our students a place that is a home away from their homes. Our faculty are not only skilled but also dedicated to the purpose of building a strong bond with the students that enhances their learning experience. 

We use innovative teaching methods and tools to make the class more engaging and offer them the opportunity to develop critical thinking, self-reliance, teamwork, mutual respect, etc. Our students regularly take part in Olympiads, NTSE, and National Child Science Congress among others. The Times of India has also rated us as one of the best residential schools in Telangana.

As one of the top residential schools near Hyderabad, we thank the parents and our well-wishers for their support over the years and for allowing us to prepare their children for the challenges the future has in store for them.





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