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Best Cbse Boarding School In Hyderabad

Secure your ward’s future – admit them to the Best Cbse Boarding School In Hyderabad.  Founded by a team of visionary educators, Shantiniketan Vidyalaya’s goal is not only to deliver rigorous academics to help them secure their careers but also to mold well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively towards society and the country. We offer our students a comprehensive education that balances rigorous academics, extracurricular activities, and personality development.

Our school motto is “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”, which translates to English as “That is true education, which liberates”. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge students to do better. Each class consists of just the right number of students so teachers can provide personalized attention and the support each student needs to excel in the class. Additionally, our state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a conducive learning environment where students can explore their interests whether it’s arts, sciences, or any other field that captures their imagination.

As one of Best Cbse Boarding School In Hyderabad, we are of strong belief that education extends beyond the classroom. We have designed a range of programs for our students to develop their talents in various fields such as sports, music, debate, or drama. These activities also teach students to work with others and develop talents such as teamwork, leadership, and mutual understanding.

Choosing the right school for your child is a critical decision and we invite you to explore what makes us the Best Cbse Boarding School In Hyderabad. Visit our campus, meet the staff, and experience the setting firsthand to make a decision that will drive your child’s success.

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Best Cbse Boarding School In Hyderabad


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