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Best Residential Schools In Hyderabad India

You don’t have to search far and wide for the Best Residential Schools In Hyderabad India. Pay a visit to Shantiniketan Vidyalaya and explore all the possibilities that lie at the feet of your child.


Founded by a team of highly accomplished and renowned educators, we began with Classes 1 through 6 in 1999. Students are encouraged not only to focus on academics but also on the skills they need to navigate through the complexities of the world. Emotional intelligence, good morals, and people-handling skills are imbibed in each student through various activities and every other aspect of learning. Our goal is to prepare students to become responsible citizens of the country and contribute toward the collective effort.

Our Infrastructure combines the best of both worlds – it is located in the heart of nature while offering modern and sustainable means of living. Students from all parts of the country join our campus to form an inclusive and diverse community.

In addition to following rigorous academic sessions, we also encourage students to apply themselves and think out of the box. We conduct team-based projects that allow students to work with one another to help them build various life skills such as teamwork, negotiation, patience, and mutual respect. Such experiences help mold students into well-rounded students who are skilled at working with others. 

Head to Shantiniketan Vidyalaya for the Best Residential Schools In Hyderabad India.

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Best Residential Schools In Hyderabad India


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